Monday, April 4, 2011

April is here...

And today some warm weather finally followed.  This winter has seemed so long and I'm so tired of the cold.  The biggest news since my last post (long ago) in January is that Andy is now deployed for 7 months.  He's been gone almost 2 weeks now and Brock and I are just now starting to adjust to life without him home.  The connection that Andy and I have is hard to explain but it's very hard when he's away and I don't have him here to talk to.  I know this is something every military spouse goes through when their significant other is deployed and for all those out there that are supporting our guys and gals from home - thank you - it's hard; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Brock and I are going to try to stay busy to make the time go by faster but we miss Andy every day.  To anyone out there that says "It will go by so fast!"....yes, in hindsight, I'm sure it will.  But, right now, it doesn't seem that way and we're just going to try to make the best of it. 

I have my baby sister's wedding coming up and so I'm planning a Bridal Shower for her at the end of this month and then a Bachelorette Party the week before her wedding in May.  On top of that I'm still taking classes and I'm ready for this semester to be over with.  It's been a very TRYING semester with way too much writing involved.  Work is going well  - I finally have a regular route where I drive the same students every day so that has really helped to lessen my stress levels.  I'm finding myself quite busy with my rescue work with New Rattitude lately and I'm thankful for my involvement with such an amazing group of people.  My last foster, Kirby, went home last week and he's doing great.  The newest foster, Ed, will be here this Saturday and I already have an applicant interested in him.  It's very rewarding work and for any of you that are dog lovers, I highly recommend getting involved in either your local rescue (SPCA/Humane Society), an all-breed rescue, or a breed specific rescue (like New Rattitude) of your choice.  The rewards are endless and I can assure you it won't be a decision you'll ever regret. 

Brock and I have several trips planned this summer including a trip to MI in August and hopefully a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC in July.  We're also tossing around the idea of going back to Destin, FL to visit one of my good friends Jennifer and then there's also a few DC trips planned this summer as well.  Mom and Dad Swartwood will be here at the end of the week and for this I am thankful - Brock has really missed his Mimi and Papa and I think having them here will help lessen the sense of loss he's been feeling with Andy gone.  And yes - I can tell he misses daddy.  There are tears at times when there aren't usually tears and then tantrums over things he wouldn't normally get upset over - I know this is his way of communicating that he misses his dad and we're working through it with me just trying to be understanding of his feelings. 

Since the last update - Brock is also 100% potty trained.  No more pull ups at night either - he's so reliable now and it seems like ages ago that he was still in diapers. 

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Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone that has offered your support to help Brock and I through this deployment while Andy is gone.  We appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

And I'll leave you with something I've found very true the last couple weeks..."A Navy wife's work is never done..."